Hey! Ronnie has feelings, too…

The real imaginary Gipper

It is quite easy to make fun of a man who once said, “Hard work never killed anyone, but I’m not taking any chances.” But I’d hardly say Reagan had no intellectual capabilities.

The man believed freedom is real, a universal truth that is discovered.. This stands in stark contrast to socialists and many U.S. liberals who view freedom as a cultural quirk — just an idea with no more merit than any other idea floating around out there. Grappling with philosophy on this level is pretty heavy stuff — even for a vegetable.

The piece was clever enough, but I’ll wait to hear Durst’s take on Clinton. For every Nancy with goat entrails there’s a Hillary chatting with Eleanor. Let the fun begin.

Vince Bank

Hey, I don’t think Reagan was any better a President than your writer does. However his article is cruel more than factual. His derogatory column will do more to turn off readers than to clip the wings of the imaginary Saint Ron. Take for example when he uses the term “old man” as if being old is a fault. I suggest your magazine have better taste and prudence if it wants to be a magazine that seeks to inform versus being looked at as a venue for angry liberals.

Carl Granados

I’m a huge Durst fan from way back. Keep him on. Give him a medal. Or a nice paycheck.

Thanks for all your hard work.

David Dugle

Thanks for the support, David! We’ll take some moneybags out of our overflowing nonprofit coffers and throw ’em at Durst.

Bob Harris — where would we be without him?

The Scoop: Wait a Minute, Man

I enjoyed the article. I attended a luncheon yesterday where a gentleman spoke in favor of the Missile Defense System. It was more propaganda than anything else. He felt that the U.S. is at a “Code Red” level in needing a defense against the “evil” rogue states and moreso China and Russia. I was rather irritated listening to him speak on the issue with no logic and strictly emotion. Bob Harris reassured me that there are people out there who know the truth and aren’t afraid to write/talk about it.

Harish Praba

Hi mates!

I was pleased to find the “The Scoop” on your site. It made me think of another “Scoop” and a subject that isn’t adequately addressed in the U.S., the subject of genetically manipulated food.

I found this article on the Guardian Unlimited site. It represents vindication for a respected Hungarian researcher. Dr. Pusztai had been feeding GM potatoes to rats and discovered some alarming reactions in the rats from the manipulated potatoes The vicious attack by the British government and some of the scientific establishment upon Dr. Pusztai was unprecidented. His documentation was seized and he was fired. His work was eventually review by his peers and found to be valid.

It is quite obvious that, along with great promise, there are enormous risks involved in creating GM crops. They warrant a great deal more testing than has been the practice in the U.S.

Jeffrey M. Irving

Keeping it real with Ani

Interview with Ani DiFranco

This article about Ani DiFranco is really great! Just last weekend I went to my first Ani concert. This article is an awesome reflection of what she spoke about during her performance. Now that I know the idea behind that CD I am going to break it back out and pop it into my CD player. So thanks for writing that article and keep writing about people who are young, trying to inform their peers about the junk that gets pushed by us and that we passively accept.

Mary Heath Johnson

ISO more corporate criminal dirt

Top 100 Corporate Criminals of the 1990s

I for one would have really liked a bit more detail, such as the crime of fraud — what kind of fraud? And perhaps more importantly, who are some of the major subsidiaries of these corporations? We may actually be more familiar with them than the parent companies, and I would like to avoid doing business with them as well.

Liz Gallant