WTO Must Set Aside Greed

World Trade or World Domination?

I am a union member and have been for the past 23 years. I am a proud member of Bricklayers Local #55 in Columbus, Ohio, and I have a problem with the WTO. We as a nation seem to be willing to make too many labor concessions to other countries to ensure our ability to purchase inexpensive goods. As we enter a new century, our leaders and our citizens should set aside their greed and consider the plight of workers in other countries. We should also understand that concessions to other countries today will mean losses of American jobs tomorrow.

Geoffrey Short
Columbus, Ohio

The Right to Know Your Food

Hot-Button Issue: Genetically Modified Foods

I believe people should have a choice in the matter of genetically modified organisms and genetically engineered foods. The public has the right to choose whether or not they want to purchase natural, organic food products, or eat foods which have been altered genetically, no long term testing done.

I would prefer a moratorium on GE foods, but lacking that, certainly labeling them, guaranteeing us a choice.

Donna Balkan

The Iraqi Punching Bag

Concrete Bombs or Rocks for Brains?

Is there anyone left that is still trying to resolve this “conflict?” Are we as a country resolved to use Iraq as a “punching bag” to keep our military in fighting form?

Mike Tallent