April/May 2000 Cover   Features
Slick W.
by Molly Ivins and Louis Dubose
Meet “one of the more ordinary failures ever bailed out of the oil business” — George W. Bush, a man who lost millions of other people’s money and walked away with a tidy profit.

Don’t Cry for Bush, Argentina
by Louis Dubose and Carmen Coiro
Finally, a world leader whose name George W. knows. One of the candidate’s earliest forays into foreign affairs began with a disputed phone call that led to an investigation.

A Job on the Line
by William M. Adler
Mollie James and Balbina Duque have never met, but their lives intersect though a New Jersey factory job that migrated to Mexico. This is the story of how free trade has affected two women at opposite ends of the global assembly line.

To Live for Ireland
Photos by Andrew Moore; text by Pete Hamill
The promise of peace has lifted the curse of history — at least for now. Has the 17th century ended in Northern Ireland?

Prodigal Sun
by Arthur Allen
Solar energy had a bright future, until it was dimmed by politics and unproven technology. A look at what went wrong — and how the sun is making a comeback.

Ballots and Bones
by Marc Cooper
Chile’s newly elected Socialist president wants to avoid Pinochet and focus on prosperity. But survivors of the general’s reign insist that the nation cannot move forward until it confronts its bloody past.

Corporate science; pay-phone blues; and Darwinian dogma.

Shocking prison restraints; Governor Puff Daddy; Gore pursues young money; Wild West standoff in Nevada.

Jesse Ventura’s bordello body slam; roller coasters at the cemetery; and the flying car is back.

Wide Angle
Living in a crowded world

Power Plays
Street Politics by Bill McKibben
The protests in Seattle — a revolt against the Muggles — marked the birth of a new New Left.

The Commons
by Sue Halpern
When retirees help disadvantaged students, the kids aren’t the only ones learning.

The Mother Jones Interview: Jesse Jackson
by Douglas Foster
The last major progressive candidate to run for president explains why his new focus is on Wall Street.

Media Jones
Solar gets its groove back; Errol Morris on evil, beer, and haiku; book, music, and film reviews.

The Future of …
Cartoon by Lloyd Dangle