Near-death by kissing

RE: “Irony-Free GOP


Thank you for making me laugh. I cannot believe that even the PBS commentators sat there with straight faces and said how well John McCain did, when the obvious truth was that his pain was intense throughout — call it kissing ass or whatever other obscene metaphor you like, but it was killing him. And then the bizarre, “I’m going to die soon and I’m haunted by the future” ending. Unbelievable.

Andrew Krall

Oily foxes

RE: “Cheney’s Multi-Million Dollar Revolving Door


Excellent piece on Cheney. I wish someone would also point out that American oil companies are having their best year ever financially (because we are paying higher gas prices.) I wonder if the average American has thought about the foxes (Bush and Cheney) being in charge of the henhouse.

Tracy J. Bogert

I hate it when you call me Barbara

RE: “The Irony-Free GOP


I think it’s funny that the Republican party now wants people they excluded in the past to vote Republican. Now they want everyone to believe they’re the party of diversity. If I believe that then I’m Barbara Bush.


See Dick get rich

RE: “Cheney’s Multi-Million Dollar Revolving Door


Of course, one can hardly be surprised by this. Let’s hope these two characters — so dangerous to the principles our society stands for (despite a changed Republican rhetoric) — can be defeated. Let the light shine in.

Constance Ashton Myers


Thanks for the story on Dick Cheney’s methods of becoming … oh, what’s the phrase I keep hearing, a “successful businessman.” I suppose we have nothing but millionaires to choose from anyway, but I appreciate knowing how they grabbed their share of their pile.

Gary Volz
Portland, Ore.

What’s Dick got to do with it?

RE: “Cheney’s Multi-Million Dollar Revolving Door


Since almost all large companies in the US serve the Department of Defense in some way, it is likely that some former high-ranking DOD officials returning to the private sector will work for a company that has some DOD ties.

The right question to ask is: Were the actions of a DOD official while in office intended to land him/her a job later on? It seems to me you have given no evidence to support that Dick Cheney did so. Who made the decisions to purchase services from Brown and Root? Was it Cheney? The procurement file is a matter of public record. Why has Mr. Bryce not informed us of its contents?

Cheney was made CEO of a company in order to help it grow, and he did so with great effectiveness. Is that bad?

Martin O’Sullivan


Although the article raises some valid points about the current situation between elected officials and private businesses, it seems unfair to direct this at Cheney. The article is written with an accusatory tone, but it debates a point about the system as a whole — not about the wrongdoing of an individual.

Humberto Gonzalez

Side-splitting irony

RE: “ The Irony-Free GOP


God bless Will Durst! Funny, trenchant, awesome. Keep it coming.

Matt Golosinski

More power to them

RE: “ Tribal Politics


It makes me boiling mad to hear the politicians say “we gave,” or “the Indians were given,” anything. We took the best they had and gave them little plots of land which our government thought were worthless. Then when those plots turned out to be of value, our government screwed the Indians out of them, too. Anything the Indian tribes can do to make money is okay by me. More power to them!

P.L. Cox

Funny but dumb

RE: “ Group Hug in Philly


You’ve got some genuinely funny lines. Yes, the GOP convention is plastic, made-for-TV, and cotton-candy-sweet.

On the other hand, how is it that you can swing so wildly from laugh-out-loud originality to parroting the party line in regards to Cheney’s voting record?

You’re too smart to buy the idea that, during the 1980s, Cheney sought to keep Mandela in prison. I’m going to assume ignorance over deliberate obfuscation, and that you value truth over spin. Here’s a link from a publication that’s a bit to MoJo’s right. Read it to the bottom and you’ll remember that it wasn’t Mandela’s dark skin but the ANC’s red ambitions that led Cheney (and 176 other members of Congress) to vote against the (ultimately) meaningless resolution.

Del Torkelson
Wichita, Kan.

Satire backfires

RE: “The Man Who Would Be Veep


Were these quotes supposed to make me dislike Cheney? I like him even more now.

Christopher P. Kucia
Valley View, Ohio

Detroit’s Slick Three

RE: “Conspiracy of Polluters


By persisting with their childrens’ games, auto companies are resisting the potential for advancing technology. Had they seen the light 50 years ago, our military jets and commercial transportation could be hydrocarbon free.

Glenn McCord
New Zealand


It is no surprise to me that a bill that would almost single-handedly stop air pollution from combustion engines would be killed by politicians. Their pockets are surely lined with oil-company money. But sooner or later, oil is going to run out, and we will have to find a new source of energy. Why not do it now rather than waiting to develop alternate means of transportation?

Rod Richardson