Just like Mom and Dad

RE: “Al Gore on Drugs


How much have we really spent trying to get college and high school kids to stop binge drinking and turning into full-fledged drunks before they’ve even held a real job? Not a lot. Kind of uncomfortable to talk about when Mom and Dad drink themselves and likely drank too much when they were the kids’ age.

I don’t have an answer other than setting an example for your kids, but the war against drugs ain’t it. If kids can’t get dope they’ll get into the liquor cabinet.

Kevin Wheeler

There’ll be nothing left

RE: “Undermining a Community


As someone who lives in West Virginia I know what these poor people are going through. It is time for people worldwide to unite and take our lives back from the extractive industries that have oppressed us. There will be nothing left for our future generations if we do not stop this rape of the people and the land.

Julia Bonds


Clinton acts only in own interest

RE: “A (Very) White House


The Clinton Administration has been one of opportunity. It has skillfully used every opportunity to exploit our racial, religious, and social differences in service to its own best interests. In the fullness of time we will find the Clintons’ lust for power has leftÊus weaker. To suggest Bill Clinton or Al Gore are responsible for accomplishments in the African-American community is absurd and demeaning. The success and accomplishment of African-Americans, as all Americans, is a testament to the will of the individual to overcome obstacles and barriers.

Tim Ehrich

You won’t hear it in The New York Times

RE: “Cheney’s Multi-Million Dollar Revolving Door


It is refreshing to see in black and white print what many of us sense the Bush Dynasty is all about. Great reporting on the connection between the Dynasty and how they actually capitalize on their time in office. If they get in this round they won’t squander the next four years. They will use every bit of their time lining up bigger and better deals for themselves and their contributors. How come this story is dated August 2nd and we haven’t read about the total Dynasty connection in The New York Times?

David Weiser

Gore’s always like that

RE: “Al Gore on Drugs


I think if you are waiting on Gore, you’ll have a hell of long wait. This guy is on every side of every issue. The only thing I know for sure about him is he wants to be president. Since he and Clinton stood on that stage in Little Rock eight years ago and told the American people to hold them accountable if they didn’t have the most ethical, scandal-free administration in history, there have been countless problems. I didn’t vote for them four years ago because of that and I’m not voting for Gore this year either.

Mike Mattingly

MoJo missed point of protests

RE: “Rage Against the Ennui


I’m shocked that Mother Jones would print such a weak article on the protests during the DNC. The issues are similar to the other protests, but that’s part of the idea. The media has ignored the protests because they (and their corporate owners) do not want the truth to get out. As I recall the protests in LA and Philly had some distinct messages. In LA they highlighted the tangled logic of Gore’s environmental/campaign finance stance with his unspoken and largely unknown support of a huge oil concern. In Philly, the local welfare support group had a very successful march. Other issues covered (Mumia, corporate greed, and the increasing loss of civil liberties) are issues that need repeated.

Not to mention that the most interesting story that has come out of these protests is the willingness and apparent readiness of our civil law enforcers to use military tactics. These developments are disturbing to say the least and down right anti-American at most.

I would expect MoJo to do a much better job of reporting instead of posturing like much of the corporate media and dismissing the protests and protesters based on your own prejudices and cynism.

Shane Noel


Physically sound points

RE: “Killer Grilles


You make an extremely good point, about all the force of an impact being concentrated in a small area of the grill bar, and about how the flat design pushes the pedestrian to the ground. These are facts of physics that simply can’t be disputed!

I hope the accessory manufacturers take note.

John Bender

Al Gore’s alcohol problem

RE: “Al Gore on Drugs


There is no question that alcohol is the biggest problem in small-town America. As the police commissioner of a small town in Arkansas, I see more court cases stemming from alcohol than from illegal drugs. Our school children begin drinking by the time they are teenagers. If the truth were told about deaths from gun shots compared to alcohol, a politician would be ashamed to have his donations from beer and alcohol companies published.

Virginia Boyles


We now are closing in on the ills of tobacco, which were overlooked for so long because of the Big Tobacco money. Now, it is time for our culture to get the ball rolling on Big Alcohol.

Mark Rudisill
Sunriver, Ore.


I quit drinking 10 years ago due to the damage it caused to my family. I have often wondered why there are no billboards or commercials across the country regarding the horrors of alcohol abuse. Thank you for this article. It has given me a new tool against my friends who say, “We already tried prohibition and it didn’t work.” I don’t want prohibition — just the same energy that is put into anti-smoking ads.

John Murphy

Baby steps to equality

RE: “A (Very) White House


Progress is made in small steps, not huge steps. While the Clinton administration does not have a perfect record on racial issues, it has taken far more steps on this issue than the previous Republican administrations. Practically the only multi-racial faces you see under the Republicans are those that were on stage at the National Convention.

Sandie Eymer