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February 5, 2001

No more Mr. Nice Guy; Standing up to Dubya; The bands play on; Do it yourself; It’s not just me; A false sense of security; Misguided marketing; The other George W.; Ashcroft’s actions speak louder than his words; Openmindedness prevails

January 29, 2001

Star Wars is worthless; Whistleblowers beware; Starry-Eyed Wars; Ashcroft a sign of the times; Rumsfeld’s picking a fight; Sell ZEVs! Lose money!; It’s all lies; Stop Colombian bloodbath; The drug war isn’t helping; ZEVs provide hope

January 22, 2001

No EVs in Texas; What’s wrong with the dems?; Car companies in cahoots; Better cars no better; You got that right; I got one; I want one; To be expected; One unsatisfied would-be customer; EVs: problems under the hood; EVs a grand success; EVs: environmental hazards; History lesson; Money, not soda, for educators

January 15, 2001

Long live the whistleblowers; Altruism is dead; Time for issues that matter; Religious right + feds = what?; What do you expect?; Protect the kids from corporations; But what can we do?; Humor not dead; Financial over nutritional; A litany of pop-related problems; MoJo goes off half-cocked; Ashcroft’s a red herring; Ashcroft’s misguided mission

January 8, 2001

It’s up to civilians; Don’t be so polite; Why all the junk food?; Holy cow; Turn the soda tide; Just say no to cola; You mean soda isn’t a food group?; Selective memory; An old Ashcroft enemy; A new Ashcroft supporter; Did Harper’s miss this?; The real culprits; New leadership needed; Human needs, not bombs

January 1, 2001

Hit ’em where it counts; No grudges, for peace’s sake; Mineta no betta; Don’t simplify “Alzheimerstan”; Tobacco’s secret support; Information overload; Kill your television; DU makes strange bedfellows; Ashcroft’s ethics and politics; A truly evil corporation; “Legal” but unjust; Consumerism over democracy; Powerless in the system; Where to go from here?; Skewed view of Election2K

December 25, 2000

In Percy’s corner; Republicrats want to forget; Fairness at last; No Xmas cheer; More to the story; Using the system against the system; Environment vs. economics

December 18, 2000

Sufficiently outraged; You Scrooge, You Lose; Kick it up; Let a smile be your umbrella; Glad to be of service; Powell isn’t my advocate; Bush bad for blacks? Balderdash!; It’s about Thomas; Classical capitalism run amok; Major Bummer’s unsettling wake-up call; Frankendude; Blissful, destructive ignorance; Dreidel, anyone?; Affirmative action for everybody; Poor Schmeiser

December 2000 Election Letters

Enjoying the debacle; Legitimacy does not equal justice; Apathetic for a good reason; It’s time to pick up the fight; Post-democratic transition

December 11, 2000

Resist Republican style; Swinging to the right; Second serving of Countercoup, please; Backlash on Dems not Greens; What’s wrong with you, US?; Monsanto’s in the wrong; Somebody stop that legislature

December 4, 2000

Governors choose poorly too; High-tech runs all over California communities; Tech business: just another business; Police mistreatment; Protests started sweet, ended sour; Listen to the people in sea turtle outfits; Who exactly are you mad at?; I needed that

November 27, 2000

Shell shocked; Power in numbers; Ralph in the dog house; The answer is small government; A bigot by any other name …; Racial inequality persists; Libertarian techies create wealth and pay taxes; Libertarianism’s the solution, not the problem; The cyberselfish aren’t real libertarians; New Economy benefits; Trumped up accusations; Greens will wither; The conservative menace

November 20, 2000

Progressivism and Catholicism aren’t mutually exclusive; C-FAM’s misguided efforts; Wanted: instant run-off voting; The true story about Nader; No conspiracy to blame; Civil rights abuses before our very eyes; Get the race debate straight; We should thank Ralph; If not now …; Ralph ruined everything

November 2000 Election Letters

Wait ’til the country asks for it; Maniacal media; Could Nader compromise?; In search of progressive love; Democrats everywhere; When one vote equals many; We don’t need Nader; Guilty by default; Forget Lee Majors — Ralph Nader is the real “fall guy”; Nader’s barking up the wrong bush; Is Nader a dodo, or just going the same way?; Ignoring the obvious; Still too close to call; Nader-LaDuke 2000; Here’s how we should do it …; Why isn’t Bush demanding a recount?; Give me one good reason; Just like the Philippines; What kind of nation are you?; Get over it; How we do it in Scotland; Come on MoJo; Information breeds discontent; College isolates problem; Too stupid to vote; A broken democracy; Coverage found nowhere else; Electoral college irrelevant; Revote for Florida; Election Latin-American style

November 6, 2000

Truest things said in jest; Moronic, not ironic; Abandoning Swiss neutrality; Ralph’s plain dealing; Ralph as Rosie; Queerly misleading; MoJo sells out

October 30, 2000

Post-pandering politics, perhaps?; Oil slick any way you put it; Minorities seek out their candidate; Straights can be pro-gay, too; Singing support for inmates; More green ads please; Ralph’s personality cult; Make the government pay

October 23, 2000

Off yer butts; Oh, stop whining; It’s not politics — it’s war; We like free speech and money; Sparring readers; I’ll do it; My sentiments exactly; It’s whose fault?; Next time, just stay home; Shelling it out; Harry come home; Our ‘To Do’ list is endless; Vote third party on the 7th; Hey, buddy, can you spare a brain?; Even more important than politics?

October 16, 2000

No tears for the voteless; Don’t forget the johns; Observing the disgrace; Checking on Cheney; That sick liberal agenda; Coke or Pepsi?; Hypocritical to a fault; Out of government and into voting booths; You call these elections?; All wrong

October 9, 2000

Great story …; … but you forgot Harry; Rall alter ego; Child prostitution is government’s fault; Who’s gonna stop us … Japan?; Boldly go where no man wants to go; Dick, you hypocrite

October 2, 2000

Please, sir, I want some more …; I feel some road rage coming on; Testing the accused; Let’s hope Vicente can fix it; Joke about people, not politicians; Sony sound off

September 25, 2000

There’s no place like Kazakhstan; So bad you have to laugh; Franti rocks, Mate; Support for Otpor; PR won’t cure pollution; They may look like kids …; A call to arms for the nonviolent; At least he pays his own way; Clean up your own mess; Against pay to play; Salute to Otpor; The kids aren’t all right

September 18, 2000

I’d like the cow rate, please; Far-fetched?; Toy story; Cheney’s money isn’t our business … or is it?; Bully bars; But the Democrats are worse; Like a black hole; Missing the point; Forest fees fire; Franti fanatic; Take back the state!

September 11, 2000

Go Michael; Did they get a raise?; Giardina serving the public; To fee, or not to fee; If the party’s no fun, start your own; Debating the debate debate; Bush not just wimping out; War is hell on Earth

September 5, 2000

Tough love for Serbia; Clean up will be too late; We are everywhere; Provoking NATO bombing for fun and profit; Colombia this, Colombia that

August 28, 2000

Make methadone, not war; Latin America re-runs; Capitalism more destructive than communism; Keep your laws off my booze; From packing heat to packing PACs; Maybe some Southern Comfort would help

August 21, 2000

Just like Mom and Dad; There’ll be nothing left; Clinton acts only in own interest; You won’t hear it in The New York Times; Gore’s always like that; MoJo missed point of protests; Physically sound points; Al Gore’s alcohol problem; Baby steps to equality

August 14, 2000

What about the goof on the outside?; I’m so tired …; Ad campaign ignores alcohol; Trucks are scary too; The right-wing media; Way better than Bush; Durst a dittohead?; Spin on the War on Drugs; Drug numbers wrong; Cut us a break, Durst; Carelessness the real killer

August 7, 2000

He had the perfect resume; Perot wasn’t kooky?; Suits them right; Responsibly SUV; Hey, it’s all meat; Sour grapes; Tribes’ power is well-deserved; Bogey time!

July 31, 2000

Near-death by kissing; Oily foxes; I hate it when you call me Barbara; See Dick get rich; What’s Dick got to do with it?; Side-splitting irony; More power to them; Funny but dumb; Satire backfires; Detroit’s Slick Three

July 24, 2000

Why Democrats should love Cheney; Readers on Cheney: love him or hate him; And Miss Ellie, too; Will overweight people be next to sue?; No thanks to tobacco plaintiffs; All about the Benjamin

July 17, 2000

Readers still love Medea!; Readers love Medea!; Yes, it’s a problem…; Bad veeps — no donut; So who made you light up?; No wonder there are no black officials; Trust-busting won’t save the Earth; Fear of a black do-nothing Congress

July 10, 2000

Held captive by cars; It just doesn’t matter; Smokers line lawyers’ pockets; Coalition time; Gas article all wrong; Just like Agent Orange; Gas prices: Look on the bright side; Are Americans just “stupid gringos?; Price gouging is good for the Earth; The Anti-Education Act; Rapists welcome, stoners need not apply

July 3, 2000

Dance (Un)Safe; What’s good for the goose …; What are you smoking?; Geese and chickens and Democrats, oh my!; There goes our revenue model; Eroding freedom; Don’t give us your wallet, either; We can’t go on like this; Bill the feds; We could have guard dogs, too; Blood vengeance; Quadruple standards; The scared little government; The polka-dot ship

June 26, 2000

Sea change hypocrisy; Can’t get a tubal? Try breast implants instead; Leave that pothead alone; Self control or birth control; Sound judgment or censorship?

June 19, 2000

It could be worse; It’s about Roe vs. Wade; “Typical and sad.”; …and they hightailed it down to Mexico; Corruption in Kosovo; Make Rhode Island pay; Watch that door …; Send ’em home; Send ’em the bill; Just close them; Congressional swine; What’s God got to do with it?; Fresh milk; Cash Cows; I was treated like a junkie; They’ve paid their dues

June 12, 2000

Making fetal abuse worse; Wake up and smell the buds; Ladies: you’re oppressed by the freedom to choose!; Support your local farmer; That’s my story!; Milking the system; We get what we deserve; Grow up, wimps; Perrier strikes back; Too many people; Thou shalt not skimp on medical services; Build your own dang hospital; Sacred Cows;

June 5, 2000

Readers suggest single-payer; C’mon, those things would never happen here!; Gay mistreatment; MoJo, heal thyself; Or they could take up stamp-collecting; First they came for the unwed mothers…; Stop stupid reproduction; Glad you’re feeling better; Let them drink lattes; Canned cure for ennui; Just like real people; Not all forms, just the ones that work; One for the bulletin board; Division of church and health care; Fight lunatics with lunacy

May 29, 2000

Man: Tying tubes = killing a child; Even the responsible are outraged!; Jaywalkers, kiss your tenure goodbye; World-weary enviro writes in; A tsignificant tsunami?; Just clean up the rivers; Damn that little guy; Still out of whack; But where are the numbers?; Readers hate the school loan law, mostly; What about Eddie?; Happy pills; Creating unequal

May 22, 2000

Reading, writing, ‘rithmetic, and guns; A mind is a terrible thing to lose…; Why affirmative action? The cold trail…; A cultural shopping disorder?; More from Ward Connerly; The dumbest argument; Smoke a joint, you’re off the ballot; Crack a Bud, lose your loan?; Ready, boys? Hold it like this and point …; Ward Connerly writes back; Reader backs Connerly; “Healthy” learning deprivation; Guns for tots a great idea

May 15, 2000

Pot for the greater good; Kids, the best SSI; Dubya’s right; Durst is wrong; MoJo: sitting ducks?; Social security snakefest; Reader not deeply appalled by Shell ads!; Army as baby sitter; All this and vitriol too; Name-calling and mud-slinging; Let’s do it like the Germans do; Will Durst? Kidding?; The US Senseless Bureau; Thanks for the dirt on Connerly; Flag debate a waste of time

May 8, 2000

Truly typical; The worst Durst?; Heroin surprise; Progress vs. popularity; I’m dismayed; We’re shocked; Drug war is hell; Mother Teresa and Mother Jones; The only way …; The antigreen movement; Injection rooms save lives; Myco-homicides

May 1, 2000

Keep that poison off our bush, Bush!; Déjà vu, only worse; Commander Elian; Thanks, y’all; Freedom from offense; Take out the garbage; WAY better than being invisible; CMDC not all that evil; We’re here, we’re queer, we’re going shopping!; Banned in the USA

April 24, 2000

Feinstein’s facade; Better living through Microsoft; The Internet is a Junkie?; Do the sick, perverted thing; Pepsi in pink; Half a brain is better than none; Agendas for everybody; G/L/B/Ts, pay attention; The Left: Wrong, but sincere; Endangered poll correction; Not really, MoJo

April 17, 2000

NAACP has no soul; Capitalism — good for what ails ya; Project Whatever; Durst and degeneration; Never mind; Happy or handcuffs?; Which side are you on?; Erase, eliminate, destroy; No, no, thank you; Festive mood at the IMF; Who’s in charge here?; But what does Noam think?; Pen ’em up; The do-nothing activists; Project Common Knowledge; Get off your high, well-read horse; “Equal treatment for all,” more or less

April 10, 2000

Good Point, Hutch, But…; Rock the (felonious) vote; Lameness is a virtue; NAACP filling the void in SC; National Association of Confused Priorities; Southern belle sounds off; NAACP misguided?; Just a snobbish snit; More Mumia; Cheesy, but not dead yet; Control the world through better eating; Vilifying Venezuela?; Face-saving aid

April 3, 2000

Ponzi, schmonzi; Stars & bars silk purse; Perfect Pronouns; Durst he say it?; Transgender 101; That’s Mr. Fag to you, Bubba

March 27, 2000

Boys Do Cry; White buffalo/white villain; Shell we dance?; Alive and Well responds; Not pretending

March 20, 2000

Hitting a nerve; Bursting with Durst; Gender-bender trend?; Hungry for more

March 13, 2000

Animal abuse is no culture; Wait for the gas; More on Jake ‘n’ Oscar; Catch-22 for liberals; Bad case of gas

March 5, 2000

Foo Fighter Fires Back; Throes of theocracy; Pretty tame; MoJo needs to open its mind; Dropped the ball; Citizens take charge; Sickened and speechless; Why the double standard on AIDS?; Don’t just sit there!

February 28, 2000

Do I detect a litle “sarcasm”?; Legless Landau?; Oh, Foo-ey; Lightning Foo; How Foo-lish; Foo-d for thought; More Foo; Endless Foo; Solomon on Pacifica; Landau no help; War on common sense

February 21, 2000

Rollin’ in drug money; Poll problems; War on “approved” drugs?; Oscar talks back; Listen to your mother; But, Mom …; In defense of zero-tolerance

February 14, 2000

Symptoms of abortion

February 7, 2000

Bush’s betting man writes; Better to have a famous hypocrite…; Who’s afraid of the big bad conservatives?; SORM Jamming II; SORM Jamming

January 31, 2000

An old leftist for guns; Southern Crackers; Misguided Justice; Take the money and run; What the Shell are you doing?; Old enough to die

January 24, 2000

Senile President? So what!; Another modest proposal; Gun guilt?; (Tree) hugs and kisses; Cleaning the flag of injustice; Splitting Hair(trigger)s; Say Yes to Secess; A different view of Columbian ‘thugs’; Hey Blacks: Get over it!

January 18, 2000

Whites Against Yellow Journalism; Honan the Barbarian; Corporations + Prisons = Fewer Murderous Kids; Flying the Double Standard; Opposition 21

January 10, 2000

HMO Hell; MoJo Confounds Justice in the World!; Meaningless Existence & the Snap Poll; Meaningless Existence & the Snap Poll

January 3, 2000

Shell’s Bells; Why Vote at All?; The Men Behind the Monsters; Yay and Nays on Shell Ads; Yeah, Yeah, We Know ..

December 27, 1999

Touché; Killing Kids

December 20, 1999

A Shell of an idea; Path out of poverty not always handicapped accessible; When Bison Attack!; Get Corporations off the Wire!; Don’t like it? Move out!

December 14, 1999

A Few Bruised in See-at-ul; Polling Problems; Durst Makes It All Worthwhile; Taking Money from The Man; Bushes Not the Only Crooks; Durst Lost in the ’80s; The Battle of Seattle Rages On

November 30, 1999

WTO Must Set Aside Greed; The Right to Know Your Food; The Iraqi Punching Bag

November 2, 1999

Catholic caveat emptor; A truly frightening poll

October 26, 1999

Dude, it’s in the Constitution, man; Back in the day when there were two corporations, Junior…

October 19, 1999

Hey! Ronnie has feelings, too…; Bob Harris — where would we be without him?; Keeping it real with Ani; ISO more corporate criminal dirt

October 5, 1999

Millenial fever at MoJo?; Don’t cripple the Air Force; He’s got questions

September 28, 1999

To the moon with Lockheed?

September 21, 1999

The DL on LM; Reader: What happened to Waco?; China: US business vs democracy?; Indignation towards Shell misplaced

September 14, 1999

Reader reaction to East Timor coverage; Boardroom criminals; Reader: Focus on substantive issues, not gay marraige; Shell ads not free speech

September 7, 1999

More on Shell Ads…; The failure of the liberals; Reader: Star of David used as gang symbol in Wisconsin

August 31, 1999

Reader: Timor’s independence will lead to bloodshed; Reader: Same-sex marriage not “normal”; Readers still pissed about Shell ads

August 24, 1999

Let GLBTs wed, for better or for worse; Bush’s drug past no laughing matter; Middle ground possible in Daly debate?; Readers still pissed about Shell ads

August 17, 1999

Readers: Pissed about Shell ads; Settlement v. Judgement; We love unsolicited praise

August 10, 1999

The Destruction of Symbolism; KFOR: “Making progress” in Kosovo?; One Woodstock enough for this reader; KPFA not legitimately for sale

August 3, 1999

MoJo Wire takes heat on Shell Ads; Partitioning Kosovo, and the US bias in the Balkans; All hell breaks loose at Woodstock ’99

July 27, 1999

Reader: Don’t Forget About America’s Problems; Bigger Isn’t Always Better; G.M.’s “Starr” Performance

July 20, 1999

The CIA: Worried about a lot more than just secret ink; China, corporations, and communism, oh my!; The Wire: Neglecting domestic issues and pleasing conservatives

July 13, 1999

What is the CIA really hiding?; His MoJo is Rising

July 6, 1999

Readers praise, question DU article ; Readers: Enforce existing gun-control laws, don’t make new ones!; Readers take issue with our “pro-Serb” qualifier; Not an Albright Fan; A more accurate look at domestic violence?

June 29, 1999

Kosovo coverage isn’t the same without Alex; Cheers and Jeers for Bob Harris’ Scoop

June 22, 1999

Is the war over? Readers’ thoughts; Reader: Polls count people, but don’t tell facts

June 15, 1999

Jeffrey Benner’s commentary elicits strong reader response; War in Kosovo: Fought for access to oil?; Vojvodina: a “simmering dispute” with Hungary?; Readers: War wasn’t unconstitutional; the rich are getting richer

June 8, 1999

Readers for peace; Clinton violating War Powers Act; Rambouillet vs. the G-8 peace plan; Compassion, intellectual liberalism, or ignorance?

June 1, 1999

Kosovo doesn’t meet definition of “genocide”; Readers respond to article on Agim Ceku; Concern over Alex; E-mails from refugees?; Not in Clinton’s fan club

May 25, 1999

Riled up over “genocide” omission, “humanitarian bombs,” and banning dissent; Why Greeks don’t support NATO; pacifists vs. powerfists

May 18, 1999

Make the U.S. a U.N. protectorate?; Balanced or biased Kosovo coverage?; Readers comment on our picks for ‘Alternative News’

May 11, 1999

Voices from Belgrade; Sonar comments; More readers unhappy with portrayal of Kentucky town; More on Columbine

May 4, 1999

Alex’s postings: Serb propaganda?; An unfairly portrayed town?; Responses to the Columbine High School shootings

April 27, 1999

Unusual letter of the week; A reader takes issue with “spying”; More comments on our Kosovo coverage

April 13, 1999

Unusual letter of the week; Readers respond to our Kosovo coverage; Bob Harris plays Stephen Glass

April 6, 1999

Scary letter(s) of the week; Ken Layne on Kosovo; More comments on our Kosovo coverage

March 30, 1999

Helms voodoo article incites readers; Kosovo “experts”; Reactions to Bob Harris on Guatemala and medical marijuana

March 16, 1999

Bob Barr: As nasty as he wants to be; ‘Must Reads’…or must research?

March 9, 1999

Sahara war!; Arms in action; Kosovo, anyone?

February 22, 1999

Sexless Teletubbies; Dissecting Bob Harris; Snap Poll: Not snappy enough?

February 8, 1999

Readers react to Bob Harris’ “Homeless in Chicago” and Geov Parrish’s columns; Iraq??? Libya??? You decide

January 26, 1999

The Re-Redesign; Arms Site Coming Soon; Readers React to Geov Parrish; We Love the First Amendment, We Swear!

January 5, 1999

Readers respond to the MoJo Wire’s coverage of the U.S.-Iraq crisis, the Clinton impeachment scandal, and Sierra Club factionalism; MoJo Poll Results: Yanks Love Guns

December 16, 1998

More Redesign Hoo-Ha

December 4, 1998

Lone Rangers and Old Fuddy Duddies; Fresh daily? I don’t think so!; Leave Billy [Gates] alone!

November 17, 1998

The Sierra Club reacts to “Mutiny at the Sierra Club”; Microsoft sabotage; Redesign hate crime?

November 10, 1998

Shameful yet non-hysterical “Mutiny at the Sierra Club”; Call of the cubified; The hip uniform …

October 23, 1998

We feel your frustration about “Revolutionary Tourists”; No talking allowed at Salon; 80 percent con and 20 pro on the redesign …

October 16, 1998

“The unreadable Salon”; Deep pockets; Do you swear to deceive the public… ; MoJo Wire does Dallas

October 9, 1998

So many lies, so little time… ; Statist, control-hungry, right-wing polemicist?; Bad, bad Ollie!

October 2, 1998

Wake up! The Christians are coming; The loggers get screwed too; Racism? You betcha

September 25, 1998

Beware of “buzz” words; Just one small problem… ; Babies just aren’t safe …

September 18, 1998

Readers respond to “The CIA, Contras, and Drugs” — and to the redesign.

August 26, 1998

Readers respond to “High-Tech Melting Pot” and “The Childbirth Monopoly.” Plus: The standard “I hate you” e-mail.