Cover Story: The Chain Never Stops by Eric Schlosser
Thousands of meat packers are crippled every year in the nation’s most dangerous job. Many find themselves discarded by the industry, with little compensation and minimal medical care.



Huntsville’s Missile Payload by Ken Silverstein
The Pentagon’s quest for a missile shield launched a Southern town’s economy into orbit. Now George W, Bush plans to spend billions more on the program — and “Rocket City” is hoping to cash in.

Where the Other Half Lived by Verlyn Klinkenborg
A century ago, reformer Jacob Riis discovered that words could not convey the poverty of the Lower East Side. But his photographs forced New Yorkers to witness what was right before their eyes.

The Method and the Madness Photo Essay by Robert Knoth and text by Bill Berkeley
The refuge crisis in Guinea — the world’s worst — was sparked not by ancient tribal hatreds, but by diamonds, the weapons trade, and a network of organized crime.

Nader Unrepentant by Jon Margolis
Since last November’s election, Ralph Nader has become a pariah to many of his former allies. Can the political spoiler regain his credibility as a consumer crusader?

Behind the Veil by Camelia Entekhabi-Fard
Two decades ago, the mandatory veil became a symbol of Iran’s Islamic Revolution. Now the hejab is at the center of another movement — but this time women are taking charge.


Readers sound off on Edison schools, ANWR caribou, and drug company marketing schemes.

The Texas Solution: The federal government is facing a glut of radioactive waste — and a contract to bury some of it could be worth millions to one George W. Bush’s top fundraisers.
See and Be Seen: Does your TV spy on you?
Caste Away: India’s untouchables are taking their civil rights demands to the international stage.
Target Practice: At a Cape Cod arsenal, the EPA and the Pentagon square off over military pollution.
Hellraiser: Bryan Pollard wants tents and dignity for Portland’s homeless.

Dispatch by Tim Weiner
The leader of an anti-logging revolt in Mexico has put President Vicente Fox’s environmental promises to the test.

The Commons by Sue Halpern
A cooking school in the Bronx shows its low-income students how to replace food stamps with paychecks.

The Slant by Ian Frazier
Looking for Usama bin Laden in all the wrong places

Dream homes move further afield

Media Jones: George Packer on Mobutu’s graft; slam poet Saul Williams breaks down hip-hop; missile impossible; plus book, music and film reviews

Re: Action
Resources for getting involved

Cartoon by Greg Clarke