We should go solar
Re: “Pipe Dreams”

When Reagan walked into the White House in 1981, one of his early acts was to cut alternative energy funding by around 90 percent. This insured US dependence on oil for the foreseeable future. Automobile fuel economy standards have been fought for years by virtually all Republicans and Democrats. American lives are at risk because the powers-that-be like the profits of the current system funneled to a few corporate interests.

What if a large scale solar energy effort had been pursued for the last twenty years? Maybe the energy system would already be based on cheap rooftop solar shingle systems feeding energy into a grid — a system not subject to the manipulated shocks that we have seen in California, for example. But the rich profit from top-down systems. And I don’t mean roof-top.

C.K. Roberts


We the sheep of the United States of America
Re: “Speak No Evil”

It’s exhausting how ignorant and passive Americans are. I’ve never been so afraid as I am of the blind patriotism that runs rampant in the country right now. Unfortunately, until the masses of this country begin to educate themselves politically and historically, this type attitude will reign supreme. If you keep the public ignorant and do not encourage free thinking, they will inevitably become your sheep. This has always been my problem with the people of this country, and it’s embarrassing.

Mary Gent