Greens show us the way
Re: “German Greens’ Changing Colors”

It is difficult for the US Green party to relate to the German Greens’ dilemma since, without a form of proportional voting, we’ve no chance of achieving a place in US government. It’s hard for us to think outside the “opposition party” box.

US Greens are divided over their German colleagues’ decision to support Fischer’s position — deployment of German troops. Many of our pacifist members believe the German party has sold out their principles in order to stay in government. Other Greens see this as a test of our commitment to tolerance and diversity. Some of us believe the German Greens’ performance has elevated the status of all Greens globally.

In my view, the German Greens are showing us the way, the path toward sharing power while maintaining a key Green principle, grassroots democratic process. I live for the day when proportional or preference voting affords US Greens the same opportunity our German cousins have enjoyed since 1983, full participation in federal government.

Linda Martin


Earth to Ashcroft
Re: “Organize to Bring Back the Bill of Rights”

I think Attorney General John Ashcroft must live on another planet. We voted these “public servants” into office to protect our Constitution, and our Bill of Rights. They have done nothing to do that. My right to think, and speak about those thoughts is a right I’m not willing to give up. Phantoms indeed! Phantoms exist only to serve this administration’s greed. The rhetoric I see on the TV, read in the newspapers, and hear on the airwaves, truly makes me sick.

Carolyn Waller


Patriotic dissent
Re: “Organize to Bring Back the Bill of Rights”

The speed with which our Constitution is being decimated and our Bill of Rights shredded by the current administration ought to give pause to every waking soul. If these thieving bandits (Bush and Ashcroft) are allowed by our duly elected representatives to go in this direction, we shall be the last adult generation to remember the freedoms that have existed in this country for over 200 years.

Our founding fathers would be rising from their beds to awaken and alarm all of their neighbors to speak, protest, and fight this destruction of the democracy that they so loved and nurtured. We, as true Americans, can do no less.

Bridget Gibson


WTC workers symptoms look familiar
Re: “Medical Aftershocks”

I wonder who is right? Kathleen Callahan, a top EPA official, who stated in this article, “The vast majority of our tests find levels of these contaminants … pose no significant long-term health risks to residents, business employees and visitors beyond Ground Zero,” or those of us who have developed Multiple Chemical Sensitivity/Environmental illness from our various chemical poisonings and exposures?

I, and thousands like me, are now confined mostly to our homes, having to rely on family and friends to assist us in everything others take for granted: cleaning the house, going outside, driving a car, working at a job/career, visiting with friends and family away from home, taking public transportation of any kind, buying groceries, shopping for clothes or presents.

Those of us with this debilitating disease are disabled beyond repair, our bodies damaged so much by chemicals that we can no longer tolerate even ambient exposures.

For myself, the years of working as a registered nurse in hospitals and polluted offices has done me in. I am now on Social Security Disability as I am unable to work at all. I fear greatly for the futures of those exposed and being exposed.

Nadine Porter

Stopping abuse
Re: “Surgical Strike”

After reading about Barbara Harris’ efforts to protect children and the ensuing criticism, I had to chime in to say I was a “card-carrying member” of the ACLU, until I learned about the case involving the welfare mother accused of abusing a second child (the first having been removed from her care) while pregnant with a third. The judge made a decision in favor of children by making birth control part of the woman’s sentence. The ACLU swung into action to defend her reproductive freedoms and one wonders how many other children she went on to abuse. While a strong supporter of civil liberties, I could not in good conscience support the ACLU.

Barbara Harris is a progressive, forward-thinking, courageous woman. Her critics should be ashamed for using race as an issue and for making child abuse and neglect a right. As our school systems become the dumping grounds for kids with permanent behavioral problems due to prenatal exposure to alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes and overwhelm our educational system, who will you call then? You critics: Go foster some crack babies and then you can tell us that society needs more damaged children.

Faye Ferrall