Planned Parenthood and Privacy
Re: “Planned Parenthood’s Iowa Predicament”

I support the Storm Lake Planned Parenthood. I was born and raised in Storm Lake, and one of the reasons I don’t live there now is that that part of the rural Midwest suffers from the kind of fashionable conservatism that is stifling public debate in our country today. I feel that much of the anger directed at Planned Parenthood is, in this case, a form of thinly veiled bigotry because the town of Storm Lake has a fairly large minority population, for a small town. It’s sad that we are living in a political climate in which a person’s love of the US Constitution brands a left-wing fanatic.

Bruce Patera

Law enforcement always has the right to confidential information when performing a criminal investigation. Period. It’s not like they’re going to be irresponsible with the information, they’re just going to use it to try and find that awful person who so brutally murdered her own child. I think it’s terrible of Planned Parenthood to fight this. They are so damn paranoid about women’s rights that they regularly trample all over others’ rights.

Robert Trufant

As a former staff member of a Planned Parenthood affiliate in [Pennsylvania] and a current women’s health volunteer, I was appalled at the thought of patients being subjected to this (obviously illegal) scrutiny. Privacy is vital to patient care ministration, at Planned Parenthood and any other medical facility, in order to provide quality health care. Pregnancy test results are no exception. The staff at PPGI is showing courage and integrity in a difficult time and I commend them in their unwavering commitment to confidentiality.

Barbara Dullen


Correcting Capitalism
Re: “Making the Most of a Scandal”

You are surely correct on all points, including that opportunities such as this often pass unexploited. This one will too. There will be no movement to correct capitalism on Capitol Hill, nor in the White House.

George Wooddell

I couldn’t agree with you more. On a talk show the other day (I think it was Donahue’s), Ralph Nader was mouthing almost these exact words. I am absolutely sick over the loss of savings (and jobs) the employees of these failed companies have endured while their top brass have walked away with hundreds of millions of dollars. The Courts, Congress or the SEC must confiscate as much of this money as possible and redistribute it to those employees who now have nothing. We, through our elected officials, must insist on meaningful reform. I, too, think the Democrats are missing a golden opportunity. Is “graft” so widespread in Washington that we have no one strong enough (in either party) willing to demand reform and lead us? And why has no one from Enron made the “walk of shame” — again, is it because of all of the soft money Enron sent to both party’s candidates?

Roger Wachter


Cutting and Burning
Re: “Fight Fire With Logging?”

I think that any forestry experts who believe that logging increases the probability of forest fires probably got their degrees at Berkeley, and drive Volvos to Sierra Club outings.

Joe Wiggins
Timmonsville, SC

I am from the Pikes Peak area of Colorado and know well the dangers of not cleaning up properly. The need for cleaning brush, slash, etc. was known and ignored, thus the largest wildfire in Colorado history (the Hayman fire) raged just a few miles from my home. It figures that the only way to get any “cleaning up” would be to dangle a dollar under someone’s nose, and then at the expense of older trees not even responsible for the problem. I am once again sickened by bureacracy screwing us over. Thanks for printing the truth.

D. Sandoval

Another ruse to get timber/logging interests some bucks at the expense of the populace and nature. I cannot stand paying taxes for such idiotic plans. It is quite pathetic. I guess I am opposed to the plans, but hey, give me some stock options that I can unload with insider information if necessary, a huge CEO retirement plan, and a position in the federal government, and I might be swayed to promote more pillaging and plundering

Mark Donnelly