Cover Story: The Security Traders

In the name of homeland defense, companies that sell everything from database software to explosives detectors are lining up for Washington’s latest windfall.


The Thin Green Line

What drives some Israeli soldiers to challenge the military, the government, and even their families by refusing to cross into occupied lands?

Born-Again Zionists

With their apocalyptic beliefs and powerful political connections, evangelical Christians have emerged as a major force in shaping Bush’s policy on Israel.

The Diddly Awards

Elmo’s Capitol Hill testimony, Orrin Hatch’s Hollywood soundtrack, Bob Barr’s airport rage. We honor the Best of the Worst of your U.S. Congress.

Making It Work

In the Chicago neighborhoods where Eastern European immigrants once got their start, Mexican jornaleros navigate the shadow economy of day labor.

A Crossroad for Wilderness

Thanks to the administration’s new road-building policy, loggers may soon have access to Alaska’s vast Tongass rain forest — and the developers are poised to follow.


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Lobbyist lawmakers; digging into a mine disaster; How Chemlawn became TruGreen; The Navy’s sonic boom; top 10 activist campuses; and biking while black.

Snacking for Palestine; cleansing caffeine; and nuclear licenses

Biotech’s Black Market

In India, an agricultural mystery has sparked debate over genetically engineered crops, farmers’ rights, and a growing black market in “magic seed.”

Small Town Justice

Rock-ribbed, conservative Southern towns like Winfall, North Carolina, are having second thoughts about the death penalty.

A Peaceful Mourning

For dozens of people who lost relatives last September 11, a one-of-a-kind peace group has provided a sense of mission — and fellowship.

The trouble with humanitarianism; filmmaker Justin Lin on being young, suburban, and Asian American; Rumsfeld does the macarena; plus other book, music, and film reviews.

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