Contributors | May/June 2003

Jonathan Watts (” Where Are You, Beloved General?“) has covered the Korean peninsula for seven years for The Guardian. A 35-year-old Londoner now living in Tokyo, he first visited Pyongyang in May 2002. Then, he felt North Korea was drawing closer to the rest of the world; when he returned nine months later, he says, the gap had widened to a dangerous chasm.

Jonathan Watts

Karen Olsson (” The Torturers Next Door“) wrote about Wal-Mart’s labor practices in ” Up Against Wal-Mart” (March/April 2003).

Wyatt Gallery Based in Seattle, Bruce Barcott (” What’s a River For?“) is a contributing writer for Outside. In addition to this story about the battle over water rights on the Klamath River, Barcott covered the Pacific Northwest’s salmon-farming industry in ” Aquaculture’s Troubled Harvest” (November/December 2001).

Wyatt Gallery (” What’s a River For?“) is currently teaching photography at the University of Pennsylvania. He also photographed the Amish country of upstate New York for ” Refugees of Time” (November/December 2001).

Matthew Brzezinski Matthew Brzezinski (“In the Valley of the Dictator”) spent seven years in the former Soviet bloc, where he was the Moscow correspondent for the Wall Street Journal. He wrote about that period in his book, Casino Moscow: A Tale of Greed and Adventure on Capitalism’s Wildest Frontier.

Emily Shur (” Soldiers of Good Fortune“) is a New York City-based photographer whose work has appeared in GQ, Vibe, and Rolling Stone.

While investigating private military companies, Barry Yeoman (” Soldiers of Good Fortune“) was struck by their mix of self-promotion and secrecy. He says several sources spoke with a “weird combination of gee-whiz enthusiasm and underworld darkness.”

Bill Donahue (” Fear and Fallout in Los Alamos“) has been the magazine’s chief chronicler of off-kilter urban environments, from the Los Angeles River in ” The Same River Twice” (November/December 2000) to Arizona’s Sun City in ” The Land of the Setting Sun” (November/December 2002).

Michael Pollan (” Cruising on the Ark of Good Taste“) is the author, most recently, of the best-selling The Botany of Desire: A Plant’s-Eye View of the World, which was recognized as a best book of the year by the American Booksellers’ Association.

Emily Shur
Michael Pollan