Cover Story: Soldiers of Good Fortune

They’re in the Army now: how the Bush Administration is using private military companies to wage the war on terrorism.


What’s a River For?

Farmers, ranchers, fishermen, Native American tribes. In the fight over the Klamath River’s water, everybody loses — especially the salmon.

Where Are You, Beloved General?

A xenophobic leader, an economy in free fall, a dogma of belligerent brinksmanship. Welcome to North Korea.

The Torturers Next Door

A thousand human-rights violators reside in the United States. Now, their victims — and an amateur detective in South Florida — are determined to bring them to justice.

In the Valley of the Dictator

Uzbekistan is a crucial ally in the war on terror. So why should we care what Islam Krimov does to his own people?

Fear and Fallout in Los Alamos

In the town that Oppenheimer built, nuclear families and nuclear bombs go hand in hand.

Cruising on the Ark of Taste

Listening to Slow Food: notes on the art — and politics — of eco-gastronomy.


Editor’s Note

The hydrocarbons behind the hydrogen car; fighting terrorism with Ecstasy; money orders and McCarthyism; supplements to die for; plus, the revolution will be emailed

Death, be not serious; pop and politics; stamping out drug use

Stop Making Sense

Living with uncertainty: a guide to the mind at war.

A Bully’s Pulpit

The president of our TV Nation doesn’t understand how media now works. And it’s costing us dearly.

Tour de Force
Pedaling weapons in Sudan

Joshua Wolf Shenk on drug propaganda and functioning potheads; Lucinda Williams makes some noise; windows on war; Lil’ Kim vs. Kim Jong II, a Mother Jones smackdown; plus more book, music, film reviews

Electronic Anti-Missive Defense Shield to Protect White House
Cartoon by Bruce McCall