Cover Story: Goodbye, New World Order

The Bush administration’s go-it-alone war has delivered the coup de grĂ¢ce to the idea of an international community. Now what?


At What Price?

With an imploding economy and a road map for peace on the table, now might be the perfect time for Israelis to debate how much their government spends to support the settlements. Except nobody knows.

All the Disappearing Islands

As the ice caps melt and oceans rise, will Tuvalu become a modern Atlantis?

The Watchful & the Wary

From FBI and CIA headquarters to small-town police departments, the government is building a massive intelligence network designed to spy on terrorists — and on everyday Americans.

Too Beautiful for Death

Keeper of the Fire

He made Kathie Lee Gifford cry and made the Gap treat its workers better. Now Charlie Kernaghan plans to put an end to sweatshop labor altogether.


Editor’s Note

The Axis of Evil’s corporate partners; livin’ just enough for the Citi; liar, liar — the first casualties of the Iraq war; “enduring freedom” fades for Afghan women; give us liberty or give us Idaho; Halliburton’s global network; plus Hellraiser: Ms. Coffee

Paved with Good Intentions

The Bush administration says its push toward global dominance is driven by high-minded ideals. But that’s part of the problem.

We Report, You Decide

U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

Attack of the Atomic Alligator
Geiger-counting the gator

The Beat Goes On

City Lights and San Francisco have changed a lot in the last 50 years, but Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s corner bookstore is still the coolest room in town.

Verlyn Klinkenborg on why Johnny won’t read Huckleberry Finn; Harry Shearer on why Ted Koppel looks like a State Department undersecretary; Superbad author Ben Greenman leaks a Tom Ridge Memo; plus more book, music, and film reviews.

Civil Disobedience
Cartoon by Barry Blitt