Cover Story: The Damage Done

For the maimed soldiers returning home from Iraq, the conflict has just begun.


Tearaway Burkas & Tinplate Menorahs

Our intrepid comedian heads to Iraq on a USO Tour and discovers he’s funny enough, brave enough, and doggone it, the troops like him.

Smuggling Hope

Her father was dying, and the drug company wanted $47,000 for his medication. So she did what any daughter would do: She became a liar and a fraud.

The Longest Arm of the Law

Chilean dictators, Basque terrorists, Belgian drug lords, even Osama bin Laden—Judge Baltasar Garzón is not afraid to take them all on. Maybe he should be.

The New Yankees

When Somali refugees began flocking to Lewiston, Maine, they weren’t exactly greeted with open arms. Yet they may turn out to be the town’s best chance for survival.

Toxic Tipping Point

Are the CDC, the FDA, and other health agencies covering up evidence that a mercury preservative in children’s vaccines caused an epidemic of autism?


Editor’s Note

Is the Pentagon pushing pathogens?; the quotable Mr. Byrd; one widow’s year of lobbying dangerously; misadventures of a middle Shrub; Medicare’s new Golden Rule; and a Hellraiser who brings low power to the people

The Radio Flyer goes off-road; plus playing with the president

The No-Exit Strategy

Four honest lessons from the war

The Stump Speech

I Am the President,
I Speak for the Trees

For their God and country?

Chips off “The Rock”

Debra J. Dickerson reviews the human fallout of New York’s drug-sentencing laws; truth
teller Billy Bragg on Bush, Blair, and American Idol
; plus more book, music, and film reviews

Resources for getting involved

Fancy Footwear
Cartoon by Greg Clarke