Make a Difference: The Challenge and Reward of Community Service

I agree with everything Dr. Blaustein wrote. I was taught community service as a child, and involved my own children in efforts for the homeless, in anti-war and anti-violence campaigns, and rock the vote.

I am interested in things that I can do from home, as I have developed a disability which limits my leaving my Bronx apartment.

Thank you,

Elizabeth McCall.

Baghdad Journal: Election Day

I’m glad to see that Mother Jones is featuring stories by David Enders. I met him when I was in Baghdad as a civilian in January of 2004. His ability to tell things the way they are, added with his witty sense of sarcasm make him a top notch journalist.

Tim Goodrich

Iraq Veterans Against the War Co-founder/Western Region Contact

Join with Iraq War vets in the call to end the occupation and bring our troops home now! The Iraq Election Primer

This message is in reply to one line in the article, where the author writes: “Also, the US military has failed to close Iraq’s borders before now, I doubt they’ll suddenly figure it out.”

I am in the military, and one thing that upsets me is that people just don’t get it. We can close the border, but why would we? We are killing those terrorists that enter the country because that is the intent. We took the fight over there so that it wouldn’t occur at home. Do not criticize what you don’t understand.

Will M.

Balad, Iraq