Some Like It Hot

Thank you! As a climate professional, I’m aware of the various efforts to undermine the scientific consensus on climate change. But even as someone who deals with this on a daily basis, I am shocked by the depth of the connection between ExxonMobil and these organizations. I appreciate Mr. Mooney’s efforts to expose the connections between EM and the organizations that are on the record opposing climate change. This is truly impressive work, and I can only hope it’s widely read.

Thank you, and keep up the good work.

Ramsay Huntley
Tufts Climate Initiative


Thank you for publishing this excellent set of articles on Global Climate Change.

It is fascinating how the Exxons are really shooting themselves in the foot. From the rapidly increasing number of record weather extremes and the damage they do it will be obvious to all–maybe even including the Exxon managemen–that global warming is spinning out of control. Exxon will have a very hard time playing catch up with the new technologies.

It is sad that they and their like have no clue that there are things that can be implemented very rapidly to make major reductions in fossil fuel consumption.

When I see the vast number of cars carrying white-collar workers on the Los Angeles [freeways], and then read how both companies and employees like the cost and time advantages of telecommuting, it doesn’t take much imagination to see that a lot of fossil fuel consumption could be cut by just that one change.

When I read the studies of high altitude wind energy which can reliably provide large amounts of wind generated electricity, I get frustrated.

Richard Foy

Climate of Denial

Take heart, Bill McKibben. Even if big business and the government are too blind to see the truth, the currently long waiting list for hybrid vehicles is small evidence that the American public is starting to perk up and take, at the least, an indirect interest in the global warming crusade via their pocketbook. This may very well be the beginning of the end for the fossil fuel industry, as the price of gasoline skyrockets due to not enough supply to satisfy the demand. If it hurts the pocketbook, the public takes notice. The alternative fuel industry should take this opportunity and run with it.

Anchaleeya Thompson