Domestic Violence

Underfunded shelters. Unenforced restraining orders. Will cops, Congress, and the Supreme Court leave women with no safe haven?


No Safe Haven
In the coming months, Congress and the Supreme Court will signal whether we are advancing in our fight against domestic violence, or in retreat

The Unforgiven

Shelley Hendrickson killed her abusive husband and went to jail. Then an old friend began a campaign to free her — and 10 other women.

The Counselor

Patricia Prickett set out to beat the violence and ended up in the belly of the beast, working with the LAPD.

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Unintended Consequences: same sex marriage law and domestic violence
Domestic Violence: The Numbers
Resources for Getting Involved

Scrimmage on the Border

Vigilantes and camera crews were amassing in the Arizona desert, but the real standoff was in Washington, as fear of immigration invaded the halls of Congress.

Home Sour Home

When Jordan Fogal’s new house turned out to be a lemon, her builders and the Texas authorities thought they could handle things quietly. They didn’t know Jordan Fogal.

The Business of Poaching

Giant pythons, orangutans, exotic pangolins — everything is “product” in the brutal underworld of animal trade.

Long Road Home

Who would produce an album that honors Chicano culture, slams L.A. politics, condemns eminent domain, and has a UFO alien as emcee? Why, Ry Cooder, of course.


Editor’s Note

Fair, Not Balanced; Trashing the AARP with Grandma Green; swashbuckling legal strategy against Coke and Unocal; cheap drugs in the capital; slash and splash on the Mexican coast; and what we don’t want to see when we look at Iraq

The Road to Nowhere
A nation of workaholics sings the summertime blues.

The Days of Bread and Roses

Organized labor is on the ropes; can it find salvation in the union movement’s revlolutionary origins?

China’s masses of production

Bullshit, in the literary sense; journo-cartoonist Joe Sacco discusses Bosnia, Palestine, and comic-book heroics; the secret life of garbage; titanic titles; plus more book, music, and film reviews

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Additional Bush Nominees

Cover illustration by Dan Page