The Democrat Who Fought

The Ohio Insurgency

How does a liberal Iraq-war veteran almost get elected congressman from conservative Ohio? If he’s Paul Hackett, by speaking his mind, and not backing down. Democrats are taking notes.

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Mark Hertsgaard reviews the evidence about the theft of Ohio by Bush in ’04.


Respectable Reefer

If you pharmaceuticalize marijuana, the drug warriors will come over to your side. At least, that’s what the makers of Sativex are hoping.

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Q&A with Harvard’s Lester Grinspoon, dean of the medical marijuana movement.

Sea Change

Thailand’s “sea gypsies” survived the tsunami only to face a greater threat:

Who Holds the Clicker?

Doctors and medical-device makers are promoting neural pacemakers as a cure for treatment-resistant depression. Welcome to implant nation.

Left Alone

On the activist’s temptation to retreat from fighting the good fight into living the good life.


Editor’s Note

The Continental Divide; Assassin nation: A last Basra dispatch from Steven Vincent; the Aaron Burr Award for constitutional devotion; what color is your CEO’s parachute?; the U.S. drug czar’s battle with Canada’s prince of pot; watchdogs of the Orange Revolution

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A special
investigation into aircraft safety

Whistleblowers attest that Boeing’s big jets are accidents waiting to happen.

Flight Risk, our ongoing Boeing coverage.

The Watched
The eyes of everyone are upon you.


In Greensboro, North Carolina, a Truth
and Reconciliation Commission is putting an end to a decades-long whitewash.

On the Banks of the Chixoy
In Guatemala the “beneficiaries” of CAFTA include villagers whose town is threatened by a dam.

Was Ohio stolen? Mark Hertsgaard reviews the case (and you might not like the answer); George Clooney poses as an investigative journalist; plus more book, music, and film reviews

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