Mother Jones Magazine Cover : March + April 2017

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  • Cover Story
  • Heavens to Betsy

    Trump’s pick for education secretary claims she’s for “school choice.” But is she really crusading for religion?

  • What Does It Take to Convict a Cop?

    What Does It Take to Convict a Cop?

    A fleeing man. Eight bullets. A hung jury.

  • Who Moved My Teachers?

    Who Moved My Teachers?

    Wisconsin’s war on unions has gutted public schools. The rest of America could be next.

  • The Codfather

    New England’s seafood industry is in deep trouble—thanks in no small part to one mogul’s seriously fishy business.

  • Rules for Radicals

    Keith Ellison is everything Republicans thought Barack Obama was. Is he exactly what the Democrats need right now?

  • Universal Remote

    Quit your commute.

  • Burger With Flies

    Can bugs make meat guilt-free?