Mother Jones Magazine Cover : November + December 2019

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  • Cover Story
  • Black Land Matters

    After a century of dispossession, young Black farmers are restoring their rightful place in American agriculture.

  • The “Machine That Eats Up Black Farmland”

    Leaders at the US Department of Agriculture claim the agency has moved past its legacy of discrimination. Our reporting says otherwise.

  • Stars and Strife

    How two feuding tea party leaders helped lay the groundwork for the insurrection

  • Moving the Needle

    Inside the grassroots campaign that protected San Francisco’s Latino community—and the entire city—from a deadly virus

  • The Truth About Reconciliation

    Can America heal itself? The reckoning after the Greensboro Massacre provides some lessons.

  • The Good Fight

    Decades before “Democracy Dies in Darkness,” Jim Ridgeway knew that journalism can’t stay on the sidelines.

  • School’s Out

    Why many Black parents aren’t joining the push to send their kids back to class

  • Total Recall

    Randy Economy’s piratical plan to recall a governor

  • Asset Bubble

    How the superrich quarantined their wealth during the pandemic

  • Biden’s Muse

    Decoding Joe Biden’s favorite pop historian

  • Taxpayer Dollars

    The myth of “taxpayer dollars”

  • Watching the Watchers

    Let’s stop freaking out over kids’ pandemic screen time.

  • A Fair Slice

    Can co-ops save restaurants?