Party Ben’s Music Picks (For People Who Still Buy CDs)

All those cool bands you’ve been hearing about, and a few you’ve never heard of – but will.

I’m not sure how much relevance actual release dates have any more (in this era of internet leaks) but if you’re the type who likes their CDs and mp3s legit, the next few months promise some breathless Monday nights. I thought I’d sneak on here while all the Mother Jones employees are nursing their hangovers and tell you about some upcoming albums I can’t wait for, along with a brief explanation, similar artists, and a link to a preview (if available) or some recent material.

  • 02/06/07: Bloc Party – Weekend in the City (Vice/Atlantic)
    The UK quartet follow up their acclaimed debut with a more mature (and apparently more openly queer-ish) album
    For fans of: The Cure, Franz Ferdinand, being wistful
    Stream the whole album already on their Myspace page

  • 03/06/07: Arcade Fire – Neon Bible (Merge)
    Adored Montreal band face dreaded sophomore slump

    For fans of: Talking Heads, Neutral Milk Hotel, going to funerals

    Download the first single, “Interventions,” here

  • 03/06/07: Air – Pocket Symphony (Astralwerks)
    French band swings back to the more “difficult” sound of 10,000 Hz Legend
    For fans of: Burt Bacharach, Zero 7, spacing out
    Buy the first single, “Once Upon a Time” at iTunes

  • 03/13/07: Ken Andrews – Secret of the Lost Satellite (Dinosaur Flight)
    Producer-geek former member of Failure uses own name for once
    For fans of: Autolux, Nine Inch Nails, wearing headphones
    Hear a loop from Track 8 off the new album at his website

  • 03/20/07: Chamillionaire – The Ultimate Victory (Universal)
    Southern rap superstar returns with more smooth guest star-laden hip-hop
    For fans of: Paul Wall, Weird Al, ridin’ dirty
    Download a recent mixtape here

  • 03/20/07: LCD Soundsystem – Sound of Silver (DFA)
    NY dance-rock dude & friends bring back the funk
    For fans of: New Order, The Rapture, ironic disco dancing
    Hear earlier versions of some of the new songs in the Nike mix 45:33 available on iTunes

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