The Outside Lands Festival: All Access

Some of our favorite moments from San Francisco’s gigantic, foggy party.

Every August, 60,000 spectators gather in Golden Gate Park for three days of music, comedy, food, and revelry under San Francisco’s famous marine layer. This year, headliners included Paul McCartney and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, though Outside Lands is as much about showcasing up-and-coming bands—and their colorful fans, of course—as it is about the stars.

From the early afternoon mosh pit during Wavves’s set to the impromptu dance parties that sprung up between acts, here’s a look at some of our favorite festival moments from Outside Lands.

Outside Lands love

If you’re going to San Francisco… Maggie Caldwell

Gabe Simon, Kopecky Family Band Maggie Severns

Outside Lands stilts

Joy on stilts. Maggie Caldwell

Fans await the Head and the Heart. Maggie Caldwell

Ruth Radelet, Chromatics Maggie Severns

Jonathan Russell of the Head and the Heart at the Sutro Stage. Maggie Caldwell

Comedian Maria Bamford on the Barbary Stage. Maggie Caldwell

Foals Maggie Severns


A performer practices David Bowie’s Labyrinth moves. Maggie Caldwell

Excuse me for partying. Maggie Caldwell

Willie Nelson Maggie Severns

San Francisco dancers

Just dance! Maggie Caldwell

In the festival kitchens. Maggie Caldwell

Spicy Pie hits the spot. Maggie Caldwell
Outside Lands

Walking and chowing by the windmills. Maggie Caldwell

Cat-napping near the Panhandle Stage. Maggie Caldwell

Nathan Williams, Wavves Maggie Severns

Big Wavves surfing. Maggie Caldwell

Thao Nguyen of Thao And The Get Down Stay Down. Maggie Caldwell

On the prowl… Maggie Caldwell

Karen Oh of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Maggie Caldwell

Sadly, photographs don’t do dance moves justice. Here are a couple concertgoers in motion: