Joan as Police Woman Gets Funky

New collaboration with Benjamin Lazar Davis may help cure a Trump hangover.

Joan as Police Woman and Benjamin Lazar Davis
Let It Be You
Reveal Records

Missing Piece Group

Joan Wasser, a.k.a. Joan as Police Woman, has a sultry, slow-burning voice equally suited to soaring soul-influenced flights of drama and brooding, after-midnight cabaret pop. On this collaborative album with fellow multiinstrumentalist and occasional singer Benjamin Lazar Davis, Wasser combines funky rhythms, scratchy electronics, lush melodies and a large dose of raw desire, to striking effect. Simmering tunes like “Satellite” and “Easy Money” reveal a heart wracked by desperate need, while the epic “Overloaded” could rock a stadium with authority. Alternately introspective and celebratory, Let It Be You will add a dash of color to the dreariest day.