Forget Charlie Rose. One of These Women Should Replace Him.

We have a few ideas.

Dennis Van Tine/Geisler/ZUMA

On Tuesday, Charlie Rose was fired from both CBS and PBS in the wake of a Washington Post story just a day earlier that outlined multiple sexual assault allegations. The report detailed the accounts of eight women who accused the veteran journalist and interviewer of making unwanted sexual advances—either when they worked with him or when they were prospective hires. Their allegations included that Rose groped women’s breasts, walked around naked in their presence, and engaged in lewd conversations with them. 

In a statement, Rose apologized for his “inappropriate behavior” but expressed doubt about the accuracy of some of the allegations. When later asked about the accusations, Rose dismissed the notion that his past actions were anything more than simple “wrongdoings.”

But his ouster presents an opportunity.  Who will replace him in one of the highest perches in media, co-anchoring CBS This Morning and 60 Minutes, and hosting his signature show on PBS. More specifically, which woman?

Here are a few candidates that came to mind when we recently posed the question on Twitter: 

The list continues.

While it’s unclear what will happen to Rose’s spots on CBS This Morning or 60 Minutes, PBS announced Tuesday that “Antiques Roadshow” will temporarily fill in for Rose’s Monday evening slot. (It remains to be seen if anyone will notice the difference.)