Watch Ruth Bader Ginsburg Run Laps Around Stephen Colbert in Her Epic Workout

“I don’t think Paul Ryan could do this.”

Supreme Court justice and exercise extraordinaire Ruth Bader Ginsburg invited Stephen Colbert to join her during a recent workout, during which the two engaged in everything from leg lifts, tricep extensions, and an important meditation on whether a hot dog should be rightfully considered a sandwich. (By the definition Colbert provided, Ginsburg ruled that the hot dog is, indeed, a sandwich.)

The segment revealed a number of insights into the 85-year-old justice, including her fondness for opera during workout routines. Ginsburg, however, did not appear too pleased when Colbert played C+C Music Factory’s ’90s classic, “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)” while the Late Show host showcased his best dance stretches.

“I would never exercise to that noise,” Ginsburg said. “Let’s shut it off.”

Colbert also could not resist welcoming Ginsburg to the “gun show”—ostensibly his arm muscles—while jokingly asking for her opinions on the Second Amendment.