Thank you for recently donating to help Mother Jones get our new Corruption Project off the ground and do all of the other vital reporting we need to do. You’re part of a growing movement to change the way media works in this country, and we’re grateful.

We’d also love to hear from you: Why did you decide to donate to support MoJo‘s journalism?

Your answers will help us earn the support of more readers, because Mother Jones is more than a magazine or website—it’s a community. We listen and learn from you all the time, and we want to find ways for our readers to hear from each other. Here’s why some of your fellow MoJo contributors have said they pitched in:

 “We need the whistles blown. We need the corruptions uncovered. We need the secrets aired, exposed, and we need a place for that. Independent publications are that place.”

“As I read the truth, I feel a bit of relief and satisfaction knowing that I am helping to make it happen.”

“Deep investigative journalism has the capacity to lead, hold power to account, expose problems, and build support for genuine and effective change. But it also takes time and skill and costs money. If that’s a thing I want to have in the world, I need to do my bit to contribute to it.”

“After a lengthy career in the federal government, in this period of fake news I read with a hypercritical eye. Mother Jones has never set off my alarms. I do my small part in keeping the MoJo alive. Freedom is not free.”

“For the same reason I pay for my extreme death metal music—because these people are awesome, and I need their product to survive.”

“Why should you pay? For the same reason that you wouldn’t consume junk food over real food, if resources allow you to. I’m happy to support real journalism. There is a difference.”

“When your news source is profit-driven and dependent on quarterly growth, it loses independence because, no matter what, the bottom line wins out.”

What about you? Why do you think independent, investigative journalism matters? Why did you decide to support Mother Jones when you can read all of our reporting for free? 

Let us know in the form below, send an email to, or leave us a voicemail at (510) 519-MOJO.


We recently wrapped up the crowdfunding campaign for our ambitious Mother Jones Corruption Project, and it was a smashing success. About 10,364 readers pitched in with donations averaging $45, and together they contributed about $467,374 toward our $500,000 goal.

That's amazing. We still have donations from letters we sent in the mail coming back to us, so we're on pace to hit—if not exceed—that goal. Thank you so much. We'll keep you posted here as the project ramps up, and you can join the hundreds of readers who have alerted us to corruption to dig into.

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