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All quotes: Hungry For Profits, Robert J. Ledogar (1975).

Oral contraceptives are powerful and effective drugs which can cause side effects in some users and should not be used at all by some women. The most serious known side effect is blood clotting, which can be fatal.” — from the label on packages sold in the U.S. of Ovulen, a birth control pill made by G. D. Searle Co.

“No significant increase has been observed in incidence of thrombophlebitis [blood clotting] or any of its complications in women taking oral contraceptives. — from a promotional booklet about Ovulen distributed by G. D. Searle Co. in Colombia.

Should be restricted to use for their antipyretic [fever-reducing] effect in serious or life-threatening situations. ” — from the U.S. label for Dipyrone, a painkiller made by Sterling Drug Inc.

“…an indispensable supplement in the initial and continuing treatment of very varied minor ailments which constitute a good portion of medical practice. In daily practice many opportunities to prescribe Conmel will be found. ” — from material for doctors in Brazil by Sterling’s Brazilian subsidiary, which sells Dipyrone under the name of Conmel.