The Interviews

Illustrations by Victor Juhasz

Walter Truett Anderson

Eduardo Galeano

Donella Meadows

Paul Krugman

Edward Wolff

Laura D’Andrea Tyson

Lewis Lapham

Howard Gardner

Bob Woodward

Stewart Brand

Neil Postman

David Brower

Jeremy Rifkin

Francis Fukuyama

Betty Friedan

Patricia Ireland

Deborah Tannen

Robert Reich

William F. Buckley

Anthony Lewis

Lani Guinier

Camille Paglia

Bill McKibben

Patricia Schroeder

Gary Snyder

Maya Angelou

Not Illustrated:

Paul Erdman
Alice H. Amsden
Orville Schell
Adam Hochschild
Frank Viviano
Paul Ehrlich, Anne Ehrlich, and Gretchen Daily
Richard Trumka
Gary Chapman
Henry M. Levin
David Osborne
Jane Smiley
Marc Roberts
Daniel Yankelovich
Louis Menand
Joycelyn Elders

Celebrating Hellraisers:

Paul Wellstone
Gary Delgado
Barbara Dudley
Winona LaDuke

What’s Left:

Noam Chomsky
Pete Hamill
Todd Gitlin
Robert Scheer


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