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 To: danielle_rice@hq.dla.mil (Customer Service) Date: Thurs, Aug. 29 1996 14:35:20 -0700 From: mojowire@motherjones.com Subject: A potential customer I am interested in procurring the following items: One F-4 fighter jet. Three M1A2 battle tanks. A various assortment of small arms (has the new M-16 rifle come out yet?). Is this an appropriate organization to contact? Please advise. Thank you, Mojo Wire - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - From: linda_stacynichols@hq.dla.mil Date: Tue, 03 Sep 96 10:46:13 EST To: mojowire@motherjones.com Subject: Response to your Query In response to your question to the Defense Logistics Agency Materiel Management Home Page, 29 August 1996: The Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service (DRMS) sells surplus Department of Defense equipment and materiel to the public after it has been first offered for possible reuse to government agencies and authorized donation organizations. However, DRMS does not sell usable weapons and other combat equipment to the public, including combat aircraft, armored vehicles and small arms. Such items are required to be demilitarized prior to sale. Demilitarization is the act of destroying the item's military capability and generally reduces the item to scrap. Capt. F.G. Leeder, USN Staff Director, DLA Public Affairs