The Mother Jones Poll

We’re sorry, but the MoJo Soapbox is closed until October 11 , while the MoJo Wire staff tabulates the results. Have a look below at last week’s questions, and be sure to come back on Friday, when the results will be posted, along with a new set of questions. In the meantime, check out the results of our first poll.

1 a. Which of the following is Bob Dole’s campaign slogan?

Fifteen Percent
A better plan, a man for a better America
Bob Dole: A better man for a better America
Just do it
Just don’t do it
A bridge to the 21st century
A tunnel to the 19th century
My dog Leader chews up Socks for breakfast
Pro-Life, Pro-wife and Pro-family
Kansas rules
I’m a Dole man
I’m a Dull man
My wife won’t be in charge of anything

1 b. Had some trouble with that one, huh? What’s your suggestion for a more memorable slogan for Dole? (Best answer wins a MoJo Wire baseball cap.)

2. The latest polls say that Clinton is ahead by 25 points, so we figure he’s got some serious political capital to burn. How would you suggest he spend it?

Support gay rights
Reform welfare reform
Start inhaling
Reform campaign financing
Strengthen environmental protections
Work toward solutions for homelessness and poverty
Start dating
Renew his crusade for universal health care

3. Choose your own All-Star first family:


Bob Dole
Bill Clinton
Hillary Rodham Clinton
Ross Perot
Ralph Nader
Harry Browne
Howard Phillips
Lyndon LaRouche
John Hagelin

First Kid:

Robin Dole
Amy Carter
Chelsea Victoria Clinton
Ross Perot Jr.
Patti Davis
Kelsey Grammer

First Spouse:

Elizabeth Dole
Hillary Rodham Clinton
Margot Perot
Bill Clinton
Helga Zepp-LaRouche
Eleanor Roosevelt

First Pet:

John Hagelin’s horses

4. Special VP debate (October 9th) bonus question: Who would you rather have for President?

Al Gore
Jack Kemp

5. If the elections were held today, and all these candidates had an equal chance of winning, who would you vote for?

Bob Dole (Republican)
Bill Clinton (Democrat)
Ross Perot (Reform Party)
Ralph Nader (Green Party)
Harry Browne (Libertarian)
Howard Phillips (U.S. Taxpayers Party)
Lyndon Larouche (Democrat)
John Hagelin (Natural Law Party)

6. If the elections were held today, and you were restricted to just these two candidates, which one would you vote for?

Bob Dole
Bill Clinton


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