History lesson

RE: “Death by a Thousand Quotes


Rall describes Ashcroft as being ignorant about Civil War history, but I find this statement could probably apply more to Rall than to Ashcroft. Lest we forget, the reason that the South seceded in the first place was over states’ rights — not directly over slavery.

Charles J. Ferro


Money, not soda, for educators

RE: “Schoolhouse Rot


This problem is indicative of the budgetary crisis that schools are facing today. I sympathize with the administrators’ dilemna when they are presented with a pile of cash from a soda company in exchange for marketing access to their students.

The government needs to be willing to spend equally enormous sums on school reform planning committees, school construction, teacher certification programs and scholarships as it does on the drug war.

Is this soda-funding-education the kind of corporate involvement that President Bush wants to foster? I hope not, but I fear so.

Carter Reedy


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