Ollie’s Army Takes Grenada, Again

Eager to relive the 1983 US invasion of Grenada? Oliver North stands ready to help.

You might not recall the invasion of Grenada as a turning point in Western civilization, but the Freedom Alliance has a different view of history. 

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of what it calls “the defeat of Soviet aggression in Grenada” and a “key to Ronald Reagan’s victory in the Cold War,” Oliver North’s pro-military advocacy group is sponsoring a return invasion of the Caribbean on the “Freedom Cruise,” setting sail from San Juan, Puerto Rico, in March 2003. Speakers such as former Attorney General Ed Meese, National Rifle Association vice president Wayne LaPierre, and the Gipper’s non-ballet-dancing son, Michael Reagan, will lead the hawkish hijinks on board the MS Sea Princess. “As part of our celebration of this historic event,” boasts the group’s website, “Oliver North — who helped plan Operation Urgent Fury from the White House Situation Room — will lead us ashore in a private tour of the island.” Code Red, Grenada: Beware of nostalgic Cold Warriors armed with camcorders and fruity cocktails.