Finance Reform’s Flame-Out

Reformers hoped that the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law would be the first step in kicking big money out of politics. Instead, big money politics kicked the life out of McCain-Feingold.

A Fox in the Electoral Henhouse?

Apr. 15, 2002
With the appointment of former GOP lawyer Michael Toner to the Federal Election Commission, President Bush did more than simply insult the champions of reform.

Campaign Inflation

March 5, 2001
Industry pumped in a record 696 million dollars to elect George W. Bush and a GOP Congress. The Mother Jones 400 reveals the nation’s top contributors — and what they expect in return.

Padlock the Revolving Door!

May 19, 2000
Campaign finance reform isn’t nearly enough. To really get the influence of money out of politics, we need to keep ex-politicians out of corporate boardrooms.

No Small Change

January/February, 1999 Issue
Reformers are overly optimistic about ridding politics of Big Money.


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