CliffNotes on Tom DeLay

Lou Dubose, who’s written about Tom DeLay for Mother Jones in the past, has an excellent overview of the House Majority Leader in Salon today, with a useful explanation of why so many Republicans are lashing themselves to his sinking ship. (Hint: Money can buy loyalty.) Also, Slate‘s running a much-linked summary of the varieties of DeLay shadiness. They seem to be a bit too lenient on the flying scandals, though, especially if it turns out to be true that DeLay’s vote against the air war in Kosovo was somehow linked to Russian lobbying. I seem to remember the right getting itself worked up in a lather during the (still-being-investigated) rumors in 2003 that Labor MP George Galloway in Britain opposed the Iraq war because he was on Saddam’s payroll. Well, where’s the outrage now? Froth! I want froth!