Floods, gales, glaciers crashing down! As not seen on US TV.

As we all know, global warming is a hoax foisted on a gullible world by vegetarians and others who hate America. And, look, it’s claimed another dupe:

The chief executive of [the utterly massive British Telecom] has become the first boss of a British company to admit that climate change is already affecting his company, and that environmental damage could threaten the stability of the world’s financial system.

Talking exclusively to The Observer, BT boss Ben Verwaayen reveals that extreme weather in the form of flooding and high winds has hit BT’s British operations, and he fears that this is just the beginning.

He says: ‘Since the beginning of the year, the media has been showing us images of Greenland glaciers crashing into the sea, Mount Kilimanjaro devoid of its ice cap and Scotland reeling from floods and gales. All down to natural weather cycles? I think not.

Well, I don’t know what kind of media they have these days in Britain, but he didn’t get those images from the US media. No Sir.