FBI labels peace workers as potential terrorists

The ACLU has released an FBI document that identifies a Michigan-based peace group as a potential terrorist organization.

A few months ago, the FBI declared that so-called eco-terrorists and certain animal rights anarchists are more dangerous to America than right-wing militia groups and militant anti-choice groups. The animal rights and environmental groups in question–though they do engage in vandalism and break the law–have never been responsible for the death or maiming of anyone. However, their goals–if achieved–would have detrimental effects on large and powerful American corporations who depend on environmental destruction and animal torture in order to make money.

This return to Nixonian and Reaganite government spying and name-calling is no surprise. Enemies of the State are those who promote peace over war (that is to say, a sound foreign policy over Halliburton profits) and who promote anti-corporate policies.