More Zarqawi Questions

Okay, I’m a bit confused as to why it’s perfectly acceptable to alert every single member of al-Qaeda in Iraq that we have a “huge treasure” of information about them, but somehow it’s not okay to discuss the details of a warrantless domestic eavesdropping program in court because doing so would cause “grave harm to United States national security.” Never mind, I guess this is the rhetorical question section.

Anyway, it also seems a bit suspicious that Zarqawi just happened to be carrying files on hundreds and hundreds of his associates—especially since he was traveling with such minimal security at the time of his death—and that that explains why the Iraqi government is now, today, killing so many “insurgents.” George Friedman of Stratfor thinks that what’s really going on is that the native Sunni insurgents who are really running things have agreed to sell out foreign fighters like Zarqawi in exchange for some sort of political deal with the Iraqi government. Who knows, really?