Lieberman Out. Video Gamers Rejoice!

Something I’d overlooked until now was the significance of Lieberman’s canning for…the video game industry. But Mike Antonucci, who blogs on the subject for the San Jose Mercury News, sounds almost as exultant today as the Kossacks.

Connecticut’s Joe Lieberman — a high-horse, moralizing, “family entertainment” zealot who’s good at making unjustified trouble for the video-game industry — lost the Democratic primary for his Senate seat yesterday to novice challenger Ned Lamont.

Lieberman plans to run as an independent, so he’s not yet officially gone. But his defeat in the primary is a good start.

Anybody in that area of the country know anything about Lamont’s politics on media and entertainment issues? …

Does Lamont have politics on media and entertainment issues? He better get some.