Price for Iraq War Just Went Up, Again

It feels like deja-vu all over again: The Congressional Quarterly reports that

The first full draft of the emergency supplemental spending bill for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan totals $124.1 billion — $21.1 billion more than the president’s request…

Every year the administration asks for more [PDF] and more “emergency supplemental appropriations.” If they are not asking for more money, they are worried about Iraq’s trade and economy rather than the hundreds of thousands of people dying. And why wouldn’t they be? The Bush administration and its oil-industry allies are going to reap the rewards.

As Americans pay and pay for the failed wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, it’s no surprise that the administration still won’t pony up for health care for (all) its citizens.

More on the ever-mounting cost of the Iraq War in our handy Iraq 101 guide, here.

—Neha Inamdar