John McCain Hasn’t Voted in Five Weeks. Seriously

Back in April we noted that John McCain had been too busy straight-talking on the campaign trail to vote on important legislation on Iraq. Turns out — and this is kind of insane — McCain hasn’t voted since.

Yeah, that’s right. McCain has gone five straight weeks without casting a vote in the Senate — he’s missed 43 straight votes. If he misses the next three votes, he’ll have been absent for 50 percent of the votes in the 110th Congress.

And this isn’t an inevitable product of running for president. Hillary Clinton has missed just 1.8 percent of the votes this year and Barack Obama has missed 6.4 percent.

What makes this all the more remarkable is that McCain is the only candidate in Congress who has done this before. He ran for president in 2000! He should know how to do it without looking like an idiot with an absentee problem. What on earth must the people of Arizona think?

Lord knows we aren’t huge McCain fans around here, but good heavens John, you’re better than this.