Neato Viddys on the Intertubes

Hmm, not sure if there’s a theme with these five. Things that are either slightly or very disturbing? An exploration of the roles we all play in society? Cool new music? Whatever, just watch.

UNKLE feat. Ian Astbury – “Burn My Shadow” (via Stereogum)

In which a regular guy awakens one morning to find, well, something’s been installed in his body. Creepy factor: 7/10

Ciara – “Like a Boy”

In which the young pop singer wonders about gender roles, and dances around with some butch gals. Groundbreaking factor: 5/10

LCD Soundsystem – “All My Friends” (via Cliptip)

In which James Murphy gets painted up, rained on, and then apparently shot fireworks at. Adorable James Murphy factor: 8/10

Queens of the Stone Age – “Sick Sick Sick” (via Pitchfork)

In which the members of the raunchy rock combo are feasted upon, one by one, by a very hungry lady. Gross shots of meat factor: 9/10

Bonde do Role – “Solta o Frango”

In which a couple portly guys dress up in, ahem, rooster outfits, and stage a mock battle on the street. Brazilian party factor: 10/10