Harry Potter Brings Out the Crazy (Not a Spoiler!)

I can’t pretend to judge.

Last night, I sat on my bed, eyes red with the sleepless wonder of every word that got me closer to the long-awaited Harry Potter conclusion. I laughed out loud. I sobbed. I gasped. I took the occasional “emotion-break” from reading in order to collect myself.

Then it came: sweet closure. When I finished, I didn’t know what was better — knowing what the ending was, or knowing that I didn’t have to blast my iPod or cover my ears on sidewalks and public transportation to drown out potential spoilers.

Whether it’s to amuse you, or to convince myself that I’m not that bad…why don’t we take a look at some of the more notable HP fanatics?

  • Kathy Cook, 48. Third-grade teacher, famous for her HP bedroom. Waterloo, IA.
  • Miana Breed, 14. Wake Forest, NC. “My relationship with Harry started so long ago, when I was 8.”
  • Kristin Devoe, 39. Delmar, NY. Harry blogger would do anything to avoid a spoiler: “It might sound silly to those who haven’t put in the time, but this is the biggest event in the history of books!”
  • Lucy Bushell, 30. Hambelton, UK. Saw the last HP movie 111 times.

—Anna Weggel