Neato Viddys on the Intertubes

In this edition: Prog rockers! Cartoon ladies! Hot rappers! And, um, Courtney Love!

Battles – “Atlas” (from Mirrored on Warp)
In which the quartet perform their neo-post-electro-prog-punk track (that sounds something like Helmet being remixed live by Aphex Twin over a Gary Glitter beat) in what appears to be a glass box floating through space

Mark Ronson – “Oh My God” (from Version on Columbia)
In which a young man develops an interest in a sexy young… cartoon. She’s not bad, she’s just drawn that way

Lil’ Wayne – Rap City Freestyle (performed live on BET’s Rap City, 4/20/07)
In which the Miami-via-New Orleans rapper takes a breather from guesting on every single track in the whole world to prove why he’s in demand, with an awe-inspiring off-the-cuff live performance over a syrupy reggae-inflected beat

Courtney Love – “Pacific Coast Highway” (live at Bush Hall, London, 7/9/07; from the forthcoming Nobody’s Daughter on Universal)
In which the often-troubled singer, currently on a “low-key” tour to familiarize her band with new songs, gives a London audience a glimmer of what was so compelling about her music ten years ago