Reality PMC


Ever wonder what it’s like to stalk poachers in Africa, spy on mobsters, or rescue hapless aid workers from Third World war zones? (Really? You have? Me, too.) For the moment, you’ve still got to send your resume to Erik Prince for such thrills. But soon all you’ll have to do is crack open a beer and ease into your comfy chair. The History Channel has greenlighted production on a new reality show, tentatively called “Eyes on Target,” which will feature “the best private military operators in the world, using the most advanced equipment conducting real missions,” says one of the producers. The eight-part series will offer “unparalleled access” to private military operators in the field, depicting in detail how special operations are conducted “from start to finish.”

The show’s creators say it will only cover “legally sanctioned operations.” I guess we’ll have to subscribe to premium cable for the other stuff…