Meet the Attack Lads – RATS!

Instructions: Click on the images below to watch the ads and meet the attack lads. Red links will take you to an appendix with more information.

Rats ad (2000): Subliminally flashed the word “RATS” amid a description of an Al Gore prescription drug proposal.

created by
National Media Inc

Production firm headed up by Alex Castellanos

corporate clients:
Verizon, AT&T, Pfizer

now works for:
Mitt Romney

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It's been a tough several weeks for those who care about the truth: Congress, the FBI, and the judiciary are seemingly more concerned with providing cover for a foregone conclusion than with uncovering facts.

But we also saw something incredibly powerful: that truth-tellers don't quit, and that speaking up is contagious. I hope you'll read why, even now, we believe the truth will prevail—and why we aren't giving up on our goal of raising $30,000 in new monthly donations this fall, even though there's a long way to go to get there. Please help close the gap with a tax-deductible donation today.