Writers’ Strike to Cancel Grammys?

mojo-photo-grohlgrammys.JPGHow will we know if Carrie Underwood has made the song of the year? Variety‘s Set List blog is speculating that if the writers’ strike is still in effect on the planned Grammys ceremony date of February 10th, the list of musicians who might show up will be missing some big names:

If there is still a strike – and this is pure speculation – it’s highly unlikely the Feb. 10 will be host to Dave Grohl, Bruce Springsteen, Beastie Boys, Joni Mitchell, John Fogerty, Lucinda Williams, Jack White, Steve Earle, Herbie Hancock, Chaka Khan, Fantasia, George Lopez, Jay-Z, Timberlake, Tim McGraw or Beyonce.

Of course, the Foo Fighters are part of a goofy “American Idol”-style Grammy contest for a wind instrument player to join them onstage; one imagines clarinetists nationwide are being plunged into despair as we speak. More despair than usual. However, if other awards ceremonies are any indication, cancelling the show entirely might not be such a bad idea. The Golden Globes, reduced by the strike to a celebrity-free “press conference,” may be hosted by unbearable “Access Hollywood” hosts Billy Bush and Nancy O’Dell. I haven’t heard any greater argument yet for ending the strike.