London’s Dance-Powered Nightclub for Eco-Hedonists

nightclub.jpgEver yearn to get organically plastered, then hit the power-generating dance floor that turns your fancy footwork into electricity? No, this isn’t a scene from a Moby video, and yes, you really can indulge those green fantasies, thanks to climate change organization Club4Climate which is launching a sustainable eco-nightclub in Britain next month.

Patrons can knock back organic liquor, then visit the loo and flush symptoms of their overindulgence away with recycled water. Pounding dance moves absorbed by the tricked-out floor will supply 60% of the club’s energy needs, and admission is free if you can prove you didn’t roll up in a car—but not before you sign a pledge to fight climate change.

Sounds like a more palatable version of Rotterdam’s urine- and sweat-powered nightclub, Watt, slated to open in September.

dr%20earth.jpgClub4Climate frontman “Dr. Earth,” a tan, well-fed, and hairless Dr. Evil doppelganger (see right for his mugshot from the website), is actually Andrew Charalambous, Greek-Cypriot real estate magnate/eco-evangelist/self-proclaimed hedonist. Number Four on Dr. Earth’s Ten Point Plan? “Clubbing is a spiritual act.”

Dr. Earth recently announced his plan to foist all profits on Friends of the Earth, but since future Club4Climate ventures could encourage international flights (an island resort is in the works), FOE says they don’t want his money.

Too bad, says Dr. Earth. “We’re going to give it to them anyway.”

—Nichole Wong

(Photo used under a Creative Commons license from Flickr user Urban Mixer.)