Study: Canadian Musicians Would Like You to Pick Up the Tab


The average Canadian musician makes only $16,500 ($16,000 US) per year from their craft and is largely against free file sharing, according to a survey of 700 musicians conducted by Pollara, a Toronto-based research firm. The survey was released as part of a new report on the Canadian music sector conducted by Dr. Douglas Hyatt of the Rotman School of Business in Toronto. The survey found that with retail sales of music declining, Canadian musicians typically make around $25,000 ($24,555 US), but pay $8,300 in expenses.


The study also found that, when broken down into categories, “expenses” included the following:

— Molson’s: $5700
— Donuts at Tim Horton’s: $1200
— Trying to keep warm by burning crumpled bills: $650
— Replacing antique bar lamp after getting a little excited during guitar solo at a gig in Edmonton: $350
— Poutine: $250
— Rush box set: $130
— Arcade Fire T-shirt: $20
— Health care: FREE!

So, do your Vancouver guitarist buddy a solid and give him 99 cents for an mp3 today. That’s only 97 cents US!