Hooray: Rachel Maddow Gets Her Own MSNBC Show

mojo-photo-maddow.jpgNothing against Dan Abrams. Air America host Rachel Maddow will be taking over Abrams’ 9 p.m. slot on MSNBC effective, like, right away: Abrams will sign off Thursday and Maddow will kick off her show September 8. The move has long been rumored since everybody thought she was awesome, and Abrams will stick around in a general manager role. Everybody’s happy!

After the jump: More praise for Maddow, and watch her take down Pat Buchanan.

Maddow debuted on Keith Olbermann’s show on MSNBC only a few months ago, but quickly established herself as one of the smartest (and funniest) political voices on TV, representing progressive viewpoints with a calm demeanor and a wry smile. Plus, her bio says she “hates Coldplay.” No way, me too, let’s be friends! More importantly, she’s one of the only talking heads willing to call out the more ridiculous crap coming from the right. Watch her take down Pat Buchanan a couple weeks ago:

Olbermann went on DailyKos to brag that he “had something to do with it” and to lament that she can’t be his guest host any more. There’s celebration in queer circles as well, as the openly lesbian Maddow has long been active in LGBT causes. Now if only CNN could get themselves a gay host…